The staff at DBRS, with their exposure to job market, have made it possible for candidates to avail of the services offered at the centre, and all this comes under one roof.




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We offer candidates a Brainstorming session to assist them in choosing their Career Pathway so as to help them to make appropriate career choices. They range frcsom assessment and evaluation of candidates skills and abilities and knowledge, to brainstorming their goals and career pathway, soft skills training (etiquettes and grooming), tips on how to crack an interview and most importantly, how to market oneself as a brand through their CV. This is done through a session of CV re – engineering  or CV Surgery.


Besides having a screening process for candidates, we also have a training programme to facilitate their recruitment process with Role Plays on the Interview Process – ‘ How to crack an Interview’.

We train them to write and re-engineer their CVs and help them to present themselves in an appropriate fashion, making them conscious of their etiquettes and manners. Thus grooming and shaping them to be marketable and employable in the current job climate.




We have created a training module catered for students in colleges & corporates as well to highlights the finer points of Communication and Corporate Grooming, Team playing, Interpersonal skills which are all vital for first time job seekers aiming at joining the market force, thus giving them a ‘competitive edge’ in the market.

We have identified with the core areas sensitive to job seekers i.e relation to what a candidate requires in order to tick in a competitive job market. It is our sincere aim to build our client base every month keeping in view our candidates and their requirements.

Our focus is on Skill Enhancement and we have been focusing on how to develop the skills of candidates at the workplace and so exploring clients who can tap and hone skills of candidates. Thus our aim is Quality Recruitment. We work towards shaping the ambitions of our candidates and their sense of personal identity.