DSC04448Don Bosco Youth Services – Recruitments is a religious, charitable and non-profit institution. The main inspiration behind this institution is the life and message of St. John Bosco, the founder of the Salesians.

Don Bosco, the founder, left us his unique way of education, a method that was inspired by his magnificent obsession: “It is enough to know that you are young and abandoned, for me to love you very much”.

In all the expansion and through the diversity of their projects, the focus of the Salesians has always been service to youth, in the mission and spirit of Don Bosco, spread over 1870 institutions in 132 nations throughout the world, working in as varied fields as technical, agricultural, mass media, social communication, social work and rural development.

In this scenario of existence, we find ourselves opening our interest on behalf of the young, and the not so young who, are in need of means of livelihood, by placing candidates in all categories of service, both the lower and the management cadre.

We welcome you to join us in this world view and in our work of rendering service to the needs around, the candidates and the clients. We shall be happy if you will extend your heart and hand to express your willingness. We know that you too are service-oriented and would naturally want to support similar efforts like the activity in which we are engaged.